10 Financial Literacy Information Hubs For Nigerians

10 Financial Literacy Information Hubs For Nigerians

Personal finance is unavoidable for every responsible adult, hence the need for content creators that help with financial literacy. These hubs can sharpen personal finance skills and help avoid poor spending choices, increased debt, and a generational wealth gap. There are numerous financial literacy content creators across various social media platforms like  Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok. However, the ones listed below are some of the consistent and renowned hubs, that provide a wide scope of verifiable information on finance and other related industries.

1. Nairametrics

Nairametrics is a media and news company that enhances financial literacy in Nigeria. They share information on personal finance, career advice, and news updates in related categories. These categories include markets, industries, economy, lifestyle, opinions, etc. Nairametric's website hosts informative articles and news publications and their social media platforms post more summarized information. Their YouTube page has over 2000 subscribers and on Instagram, over 58,000 followers. ‌‌‌‌

2. The Fintribe

This is a personal finance platform building a finance community for women. It is run by a certified financial literacy instructor, Jennifer. Her content is aimed at making investment simple, even for a novice, while hosting workshops and seminars for members. The platform motivates and guides women to invest in cryptos, stocks/EFTs, etc. via Instagram and Facebook. Fintribe has over 15,000 followers on Instagram.

3. FinanceCoach Bk (FCBK)

This is a financial literacy hub run by a certified Financial Education Instructor, Bimbo Komolafe. In regards to enhancing financial literacy in Nigeria, BK states, "my goal is to help people attain financial freedom and to mentor people on general financial, lifestyle, and family matters". Her Instagram posts highlight motivational quotes and finance tips for over 3800 followers, and updates on webinars. FCBK also has a website for articles and news highlights as well as active Facebook and Twitter pages for sharing similar content.

4. Financial literacy NG

Financial literacy NG is also referred to as Financial Literacy Technical Committee. It is a content hub that shares information on various aspects of finance in order to boost financial literacy in the country. Their topics mostly touch on good money management and investment. They share information via pictures, videos, and webinars on YouTube and Instagram.  They have over 700 posts on Instagram, and 11 videos on Youtube that include financial tips, facts, and topical updates on the industry.

5. Thrivefinancial

This content creator provides free and paid resources surrounding financial information. They educate their audience on personal finance basics through visual tips, boot camps, newsletters, webinars email courses, etc. They have an active Instagram for sharing most of their information.

ThriveFinancial describes its platform as "a social enterprise on a mission to close the financial capability gap" Their content educates early career professionals on the basics of personal finance, to assist them on the path of affording their best life. They have over 16,000 followers on Instagram. More contact with Thrivefinancial can be made here or via Instagram.

6. Personal Finance Girl (YPFG)

The personal finance girl platform is another reliable financial literacy hub. The focus is on improving skills for budgeting, savings, and investment through financial literacy. YPFG has over 4700 followers on Instagram. A young personal finance enthusiast, Oluchukwu began this education hub in 2021. On her Youtube channel with 889 subscribers, the content uploaded is centered on finance tips and education. There is even more finance-related content on the website to help people "get better with money".

7. Smart Money Africa

Smart Money Africa is financial literacy hub using relatable and entertaining content to drive financial education across Africa. The platform appeals majorly to Genz and Millennials through Personal finance-related TV shows, Books, Courses, and podcasts.  

Smart Money Africa was founded by Arese Ugwu, a Nigerian author who has published books focused on personal finance. The organization's mission is to help the African community achieve financial freedom through educational programming, courses, digital publishing, and more. The smart money Africa Youtube channel has numerous video series including "Money Conversations" and "The Smart Money Tribe Podcast". They have over 9,300 subscribers and 158,000 followers on Youtube and Instagram respectively.

8. Money Africa

Money Africa is a financial literacy hub educating its audience on Personal and Business finance. They run an active Instagram page where finance tips, quotes, real-life finance and investment experiences, and facts in form of pictures, videos, and captions are shared.

Money Africa has over 286,000 followers on Instagram and... On Youtube Their website also, is a learning portal for finance, hosting beginner courses on inflation, risk and return, etc.  Check for YT

9. Financially Literate Africa (FinLitAfrica)

Finlit Africa is building a content hub to empower Millennials and Genz through Financial literacy. The platform shares money tips in form of videos, flyer slides, and captions to their 4100+ Instagram followers. They also send newsletters and organize physical events. Finlit Africa has been operating for over two years. Their Youtube content also focuses on Financial literacy subjects including budgeting, savings, and investment.

10. Yellow Cowries

Yellow Cowries is a content hub for financial literacy making financial information accessible through games for kids and adults. They identify as a "financial health and well-being organization" using financial clubs and curriculums that educate kids and adults alike on budgeting, savings, and investments.

Their Instagram content is in both video and picture form while their youtube content has short videos focused on financial literacy subjects. Their physical events involve playing games with cards that are specifically worded with financial nuggets and teachings. Yellow Cowries was established in 2018 by Tokunboh Ishmael who had the aim to educate and motivate people to indulge in financial planning, as well as enhance financial inclusion for all. Yellow Cowries has over 3100 followers on Instagram and also has Facebook and Twitter pages.

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