5 Common Items to Cut From Your Budget To Save Money

5 Common Items to Cut From Your Budget To Save Money

Developing good spending and savings habit takes a lot of intentional effort. Making little adjustments in the right direction counts. There are certain things we think we need much of or need at all, but a closer look will make us realize that we can do without some, and others we can spend less on. There will always be something in your daily budget or monthly budget that you can remove to save more money if you search hard enough. The items below are some common items we spend on, and the item's cost can be turned into savings.

1. Restaurant Meals‌‌

It is common knowledge that cooking meals at home is less expensive than buying cooked food. If you're the kind of person that orders takeout or goes out to eat often, you could be saving more money.  Restaurant prices are already built to be on the high side and the ease of eating out can get addictive if you can afford it regularly.‌‌ But, if you want to have more money in a period, cook your meals. Buying a kilo of beef and cups of rice that cost less than ₦4000, will last longer than a portion of rice and beef from any restaurant or food seller.

2. Drinks

Drinks usually seem like a complementary part of a meal, sometimes it's hard to pass up on them. They can include soda, fruit juice, wine, beer, etc. Who wouldn't like a cold drink to accompany their food? Not a lot of people. However, water is really what is most important for our bodies. Bottles of soda cost at least ₦150, wines start from ₦1500, a bottle of beer costs at least ₦300, etc. When the cost of one bottle adds up in a week or a month, your attention is drawn to how much you could be saving if you don't buy them often or at all. Except you have a lot of discipline to buy one bottle of your favorite drink in a week or month, it may be best to stay off drinks and save the money.  Drinks consume more money than we realize especially when bought very often.‌‌ Drink more water and save some more money.

3. Airtime‌‌

Frequent purchases of Airtime can be a small hole in your pocket. And with the advent of USSD codes for recharging lines, buying airtime has gotten so much easier. Also, many nearby stores sell recharge cards, so it's always in our faces.‌‌ Try buying all the airtime you need for both calls and data plans only once a month. Substitute your calling method to WhatsApp calls or any other app call to save from buying airtime repeatedly in a period. App calls have proven to be cheaper, secure and do not consume as much data as we think. Also sending more texts or instant messages reduces the usage of airtime so you don't have to buy as much as is usual. Reduce your expense on Airtime and you can save some more money.

4. High-end Skincare routine Products‌‌

Everyone needs to take care of their skin but there are cheaper ways to do everything. Except if you need them for a skin condition, "skincare products" are not that important. There was a time when most people only needed soap, a sponge, and lotion as part of their routine.‌‌ If you must have a routine for skin care, try more natural items like honey, shea butter, ice, essential oils, etc. that you don't have to break the bank for. Most shelf products for skin care are expensive but if you have to buy products for your routine, try cheaper products. Expensive does not always mean effective. Also, doing simple things like eating good food and fruits, getting enough rest, staying out of the sun for long periods, exercising and applying natural items, can get you all that glow you're searching for.

5. Payment for Domestic Workers

Most 9-5 workers in Nigeria don't have a lot of time for themselves. Some people even believe the 24 hours we all have is not enough for them because of their paying job. With good time management, you can get all you need to do without paying someone else to do it.‌‌ Practice Do It Yourself (DIYs) methods for your domestic work. Even if it's something you don't know how to do, watch online DIY videos to help you. Common domestic work people pay for includes washing, ironing, fixing utility and, house cleaning etc. If you can create time to eat, cook, watch movies, etc. you can find time for anything else. Save a lot of monthly or weekly expenses by doing your chores by yourself.

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