5 Side Hustle Ideas For Young Nigerians To Make Extra Income

5 Side Hustle Ideas For Young Nigerians To Make Extra Income

Finding one job that pays enough to meet all your needs is hard these days. The minimum wage in Nigeria still stands at around ₦30000, meaning lots of common job positions pay as low as that per month. Menial jobs like security guards, waiting tables, store cashiers, sales agents, offline marketing, etc. usually attract monthly salaries of ₦50,000 or below. Considering the level of inflation, naira devaluation, and high cost of living in Nigeria, that amount is barely enough. Daily transportation to work each month may take up half of your salary or more.

Except you're a top executive in your organization or making huge profits from your business and investments, your may need other streams of income than your monthly salary.
It is only smart and proactive to find other means of earning money. Below are some inexpensive, and legitimate ways to make money on the side.

Sell homemade foods

This is a cheap business idea that doesn't consume a lot of time or money to start. Once you have a recipe for whatever snack or food you want to sell, make it in your spare time. Be sure to find prospective customers in your workplace or around your residence. So that whatever you make does not waste and is based on orders. Some common snacks include puff puff, buns, salad mix, chin-chin, etc. Some popular drinks include Zobo, tiger nut juice, fruit juice, smoothies, etc.

These snacks and drinks are easy to make and the ingredients are not scarce.  As long as your goods are tasty and are made and packaged in good condition, convincing people to buy them shouldn't be difficult. Some people make money off selling litres of soup, stew and other local meals, to people who can't or don't want to cook.

Offer Transportation Service
If you have a car, you're sitting on a good means of extra income. Enrolling as an Uber or Bolt driver among other private cab service brands, is one way to go into transport service. After work or on weekends, you can complete as many trips as possible to make extra weekly income. Using the method of traditional commercial cabs, you can buy authorization tickets from your state bus stop reps and pick up passengers going through your route. As long as you charge fair rates and maintain good rapport, you will attract passengers. If you don't have a car, find someone who can trust you with their vehicle, tender your documents and try to strike a bargain with them.

Trade Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency trading is not a get-rich-quick means but a good source of income. The idea behind trading is to buy digital coins with as much money as you can and sell them when their prices increase. There are also chances of losing money when the crypto prices drop. So you need to get a lot of knowledge on trading before going into it. Ensure you invest money you can afford to lose, and that you are patient enough to watch daily market changes and wait for your returns.

Resell Thrift wears
Thrift wears are used clothing items, hence they are cheap. Used clothes may not sound enticing but they often have good quality and haven't been worn for too long by previous owners. Buying them cheap also means you can make some gains on resale. To resale at slightly higher prices, they need to be rewashed and ironed or cleaned to make them more presentable. Thrift wears include shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, polos, etc. but not underwear. Find a good source of buying thrift wears in bulk and resell it from your home or online. If you can buy used phones or gadgets and they get to you looking clean, the same applies to clothes. If finding customers online will take time, display them where there is high pedestrian traffic.

Mobile Car Wash
Anyone with the right cleaning agents and water can make a dirty car clean. However not a lot of people like to wash their cars, hence the need for car wash services. Static car wash waits for customers to drive to them, but all you need to do is go to your customers. In your spare time, find cars that need washing around you, talk to the owners, and bargain a good price to wash them for them.

You need as little as buckets, a bowl,  soap, foam and a washcloth, and access to water to wash a car. As a teenager, I made as much as ₦1000 washing cars in the parking lot of my church. If you can put pride aside, finding people in need of a car wash wouldn't be so difficult.

Try side hustles that fit within your skill set, or the ones that can even mean learning something new. It never hurts to make more money than you already do.

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